The quality of academic education programmes grows through international collaboration, through participating in a give-and-take of ideas, experience and innovation. Z_GIS therefore actively contributes to multiple initiatives within the EU and beyond.

These are mostly organized as projects aiming at curriculum development, capacity building for teachers, academic mobility, development of learning resources and quality management. In all these areas new projects were started in 2013, led by the first-ever coordination of an Erasmus Mundus project at the University of Salzburg. As a special benefit to everyone involved, the number of academic mobilities continues to increase. Visiting students and faculty are supported through programmes like Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus, Tempus and CEEPUS, but also within bilateral university partnerships. In parallel, demand for double degree and joint qualifications increases, and we are proud to have our MSc programme serving as a blueprint for curricula at several partner institutions.

UNIGIS Salzburg works with a network of partners and actively supports UNIGIS studies worldwide.

Academic partnership between the College of Geographical Sciences at Nanjing Normal University (NJNU) and University of Salzburg.

Bilateral University partnership between the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi and the University of Salzburg.