Continuing Education Programme

Postgraduate qualifications in Geographic Information Science & Systems are essential for career development and success.  UNIGIS is a global network of universities cooperating in the design and delivery of distance learning programmes in Geographic Information Science. As a founding member of UNIGIS, the University of Salzburg offers two programmes to boost the careers of in-service professionals.

While the UNIGIS professional certificate programme is tailored to the needs of GIS practitioners, the UNIGIS Master of Science (MSc) programme will graduate students qualified as project, team or department leaders. Both programmes provide an understanding of the conceptual, technical, and organisational aspects of GIScience and are offered in German and English language.

UNIGIS is the first continuing education programme (“Universitätslehrgang”) at a national university in Austria successfully accredited by the national accreditation agency, AQ Austria. Graduates join more than 1500 alumni who already today excel as leaders and experts in institutions and companies worldwide.