UNEP Sahel Mapping (2010 – 2011)
Livelihood Security: Climate Change, Migration and Conflict in the Sahel


Z_GIS will map and spatially detail the key findings from the report by advanced GIS mapping and will derive new information or insight applying state-of-the-art spatial data analysis techniques. Geospatial data sets with different spatial level of detail will be combined and integrated. Existing (global) data sets are used as indicators, supporting time series as specified below. The core output of this task will be maps reflecting the development from past until now. Utilizing the Centre’s methodological experiences of ‘high-level indicator’ modelling, Z_GIS will integrate the single spatial information layers and derive a spatially extensive multi-dimensional problem space map.

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Online article in Süddeutsche Zeitung [German]

Funding Source: UNEP

Role: Contractor

Project volume: 32,076 EUR

Contact person: Stefan Lang
Researchers involved: Michael Hagenlocher, Daniel Hölbling

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