SMART (2011 – 2017)
Smart characterisation of New Zealand’s aquifers

Ths project will identify, develop, apply, validate and optimise a suite of novel methods for accurate, rapid and cost-effective characterisation and mapping of New Zealand’s aquifer systems. By 2017, the outputs from the research programme will be used nationally by stakeholders such as a regional authorities and will lead to better understanding of key aquifer systems. By 2020, national adoption of outputs from the research programme will have led to a demonstrable improvement in the management of groundwater and interconnected surface water systems.

Z_GIS will set-up an operational Sensor Observation Service in order to validate remote sensing applications done by partner institutions. Based on a harmonized Spatial Data Infrastructure of hydrological datasets a 3D WebGIS will be set-up and operating as a Decision Support System for New Zealand’s stakeholders which a part of the project.

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Funding Source: New Zealand Ministry of Science and Innovation

Role: Partner

Project volume: € 5 MEUR, Z_GIS share: 600,000 EUR

Contact person: Hermann Klug

Project website