SALIMA (2011)

Hydrological and vulnerability assessment of the Linthipe and Lingadzi catchments in Malawi

Despite recurrent flood events in the Linthipe and Lingazi River basin, Malawi, there are scattered and insufficient observational data available to support the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) and local stakeholders in assessing vulnerabilities and planning risk reduction measures.

Against this background the aim of the SALIMA project was to (i) to provide an overview of historic flood disasters in the Central River Basin focusing on the Linthipe and Lingadzi river systems, (ii) to undertake a hydrologic analysis and a flood modeling, including an overview of the extent and impact of catchment degradation, anthropogenic impacts and sedimentation, (iii) to provide an overview and to analyse the social and economic circumstances of stakeholders affected by flooding in the basin, and (iv) to propose specific flood disaster risk reduction (DRR) and recovery activities focusing on Linthipe and Lingadzi river systems.

This study was carried out in the context of the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) Disaster Preparedness Programme (DIPECHO) in South Eastern Africa to facilitate the implementation of the EU Strategy supporting Disaster Risk Reduction in developing countries.

Instrument: Cooperazione Internazionale – COOPI

Role: Contractor

Project volume: 37,000 EUR

Contact person: Stefan Kienberger
Researchers involved: Michael Hagenlocher, Peter Zeil