Respond ISVG (2008 – 2009)

Respond Independent Service Validation Group


Independent validation of KOPERNIKUS (former: GMES) services is an essential step in the process to scale up demonstrated capacities to their operational implementation. Validation outputs provide potential users with the evidence that a specific service provision will yield useful information products with a predictable quality under a defined set of operational constraints. The generation of such validation outputs by entities that are independent from the service provider, but knowledgeable about the processing chain that has produced the service outputs, will generally enhance the end-user’s trust that the service provision in question is qualified to meet his/her needs within the boundaries of the validation constraints.

Instrument: ESA-GMES

Role: Partner

Project volume: 30,000 EUR, Z_GIS share: 30,000 EUR

Contact persons: Stefan Lang, Peter Zeil

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