Routing and weather Information for bicyclists in Salzburg (2015)

This is the third follow-up project in a series of successive improvements and extensions of the first version of the Radlkarte, an online routing and information platform for bicyclists. Initially developed for the city of Salzburg, the Radlkarte was rolled out for the whole federal state of Salzburg in June 2015.

Besides preparing and Managing authoritative data used for the portal, we are modeling the suitability of ways for cyclists. In contrast to the preceding versions the different contributing factors in rural and urban environments need to be explicitly addressed in the assessment model.

The portal offers user-tailored routing recommendations and precise weather information. Thanks to our cooperation with the Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) we are able to directly integrate the highly accurate INCA prognosis data into the web application.


Instrument: Institutional Funding

Role Z_GIS: Contractor

Project volume: 38,100 EUR / ZGIS share: 18,600 EUR

Contact person: Bernhard Zagel

Researchers involved: Martin Loidl, Robin Wendel

Link zu Projektwebsite: