MOVE (2008 – 2011)
Methods for the Improvement of Vulnerability Assessment in Europe


MOVE will create knowledge, frameworks and methods for the assessment of vulnerability to natural hazards in Europe. It will use indices and indicators to help improve societal and environmental resilience. Emphasis will be placed on clear, capable measurement and accounting for uncertainties. MOVE will identify gaps in existing methodologies. It will produce a conceptual framework that is independent of scale and hazard type. It analyses physical (technical), environmental, economic, social, cultural and institutional vulnerability. These will be measured for specific hazards and at different geographical scales. Floods, temperature extremes, droughts, landslides, earthquakes, wildfires and storms will be studied.

Instrument: FP7-ENVIRONMENT, 13 partners

Role: Partner

Project volume: 2 MEUR, Z_GIS share: 210,000 EUR

Contact person: Peter Zeil
Researchers involved: Stefan Kienberger, Diana Contreras

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