LIMES (2006 – 2010)

Land-sea Integrated Monitoring for European Security


Definition and development of prototype information services to support security management at EU and global level in the following thematic/policy areas of interest:
a) organization and distribution of humanitarian aid & reconstruction;
b) surveillance of the EU borders (land and sea);
c) surveillance and protection of maritime transport for sensitive cargo;
d) protection against emerging security threats (e.g. terrorism, illegal
trafficking, and proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction).

Instrument: FP6-SPACE Integrated Project, 52 Partners

Role: Partner

Project volume: 21 MEUR, Z_GIS share: 235,000 EUR

Contact person: Stefan Lang
Researchers involved: Dirk Tiede, Daniel Hölbling, Petra Füreder, Peter Zeil

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