Geographical Information Support for Healthy Mobility

The project GISMO integrates domain-specific know-how from various disciplines, namely medical and sport-physiological research, geospatial information science and mobility consulting, as input for an inter-disciplinary platform, which is aimed to support healthy mobility in the application context of corporate mobility management initiatives.
As part of the project, the health effects of several interventions that promote sustainable, active mobility are investigated quantitatively. These data are then combined with spatial models and analysis routines in an integrated information platform which is subsequently evaluated. The overall research goal is to estimate the health effect for each mode of transport for the individual, spatial relation between place of residence and working place. With this approach existing lines of argument that primarily focus on mobility and environmental effects as well as on efficiency, are complemented with components addressing employee’s health and health prevention. The drafted information platform serves as innovative solution for evidence-based planning, consulting and information.


Instrument: FFG, Mobilität der Zukunft

Role: Project coordinator

Project volume: 400,000 EUR, ZGIS share: 103,000 EUR

Contact person: Martin Loidl

Researchers involved: Bernhard Zagel, Robin Wendel

Link zur Projektwebsite: