Geomedien55+ – Building adults‘ geomedia competencies (2013)

Due to the rapid development in ICT, big changes have occurred in the way we communicate. Communication processes which are increasingly Web 2.0 mediated, enable reflective and participatory practice, and leverage geomedia. Besides, influencing work and private life, this has also an impact on the field of civic responsibility (a core element to democratic societies). A prominent example therefore is the growing involvement of citizens in spatial planning.
While today information and communication processes benefit geomedia, not only the data and associated tools are a subject of research. Even relevant is the need to enable the public to handle geomedia in a competent manner. While school education has recently started to consider geomedia competencies as an essential topic (see e.g. concepts such as spatial citizenship), opportunities for such empowerment of adults barely exist. However, to allow (digital) communication processes to benefit from ICT and geomedia use, suitable activities in the field of adult education and learning need to be established. Here a number of open questions exist: 1) How spatially enabled is our society? 2) Which capabilities and abilities are needed to handle geomedia in line with civic responsibility tasks? 3) How can adults’ geomedia competencies be developed and strengthened?

Role: Lead, 2 partners
Project volume: Self-funded
Contact person: Sabine Hennig
Researchers involved: Robert Vogler