G-SEXTANT (2013 – 2014)

Service Provision of Geospatial Intelligence in EU External Actions Support

The goal of G-SEXTANT is to consolidate a portfolio of Earth Observation products and services that support the geospatial information (geoinformation) needs of the European External Action Service. The exploration of the Security dimension of GMES, the definition of services and products to respond to the user’s demands, and the implementation of an appropriate governance will be consolidated in G-SEXTANT from the lessons learned from previous projects.

Project Website

Instrument: FP7-SPACE, 14 partners

Role: Partner

Project volume: 4.0 MEUR, Z_GIS share: 373,950 EUR

Contact person: Dirk Tiede

Researchers involved: Petra Füreder, Fritjof Luethje