G-NEXT (2013 – 2015)

GMES pre-operational Security services for supporting External action

According to the potential application areas identified under SEA (GMES Security working group in Support to External Actions), and the experience gained by the proposal consortium in Security and Emergency precursor projects (LIMES, G-MOSAIC, SAFER) this proposal will identify and exploit a set of Services able to provide reliable support to the EU External Actions services.

The Research and Development focus of this project will be on the enhancement of geo-spatial Crisis Management Response Services in rush and non-rush mode and in covering the relevant gaps identified in the perspective of an operational approach for the GMES Security Services.

Project website

Instrument: FP7-SPACE

Role: Partner

Project volume: 4.0 MEUR, Z_GIS share: 280,000 EUR

Contact person: Sebastian d’Oleire-Oltmanns

Researchers involved: Elisabeth Weinke, Lena Pernkopf, Stefan Lang, Barbara Riedler