ESMERALDA (2015 – 2017)

Mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services are core to the EU Biodiversity Strategy. Both are essential to perform informed decisions. ESMERALDA aims to deliver a flexible methodology for pan-European and regional assessments. This methodology will build on existing ES projects and databases (e.g. MAES, OpenNESS, OPERAs, national studies), the Millennium Assessment (MA) and TEEB. The objective of ESMERALDA is to share experience through an active process of dialogue and knowledge co-creation. The mapping approach proposed will integrate biophysical, social and economic assessment techniques. The work will exploit expert- and land cover-based methods, existing ES indicator data and more complex ES models. As a result the outcomes will be applicable in different contexts. The strength of the ESMERALDA consortium lies in its ability to make solutions for mapping and assessment problems available to stakeholders from the start of the project, because our expertise allows us to build on existing research projects and data sharing systems.


Instrument: Horizon 2020, Coordination and Support Action, 25 partner

Role: Partner

Project volume: 3.002.166 EUR, Z_GIS share: 64.625 EUR

Contact person: Hermann Klug

Researchers involved: Steffen Reichel, Lena Pernkopf


Project website: n/a