Earth observation for biotope- and habitat-type mapping in the alpine zone

German title: Satellitengestützte Ausweisung von Biotop- und Lebensraumtypen in der Alpinzone

The alpine zone above the closed forest line hosts habitats for numerous ecological sensitive plant and animal communities in natural to near natural conditions. For monitoring these habitats at the level of biotope-types and group of biotopes a stratified habitat mapping strategy is developed by using recent remote sensing sources. The project strives to come up with a more standardised, transferable and economically viable solution for biotope/habitat mapping in remote or inaccessible areas by implementing a combined remote sensing data analysis (VHR & HR satellite imagery, DEM, LiDAR data, Orthofotos, etc.) within an OBIA environment. Considering the crosslinking of remote sensing, in field methodologies, and the expertise of two engaging companies – Naturraumplanung Egger and Spatial Services GmbH – will foster the fitness of the approach to meet institutional guidelines and requirements for biotope- and habitat-type mapping.

Instrument: FFG (BRIDGE)
Role: Coordinator
Project Volume: 200,465 EUR
Contact: Stefan Lang
Researchers involved: Thomas Strasser