CopHub.AC – Copernicus Academy Hub for Knowledge, Innovation and Outreach (2018-2020)

The vision of the project CopHub.AC is to establish a long-term Copernicus hub to consolidate and sustain the Copernicus Academy as a knowledge and innovation hub. To fulfill this several nodes will be created – like a new form of research briefs, a knowledge landscape, outreach and sustainability. It will focus and link ongoing R&D activities in Copernicus-relevant academic fields and sustain the innovation process from academia to business on a high scientific and technical level. We have a clear commitment to a full thematic and geographic coverage for a Europe-wide boost in demand-driven uptake of space technology and geospatial information.

Specific objectives are:

  • foster the enlargement of the Corpernicus Academy ecosystem
  • reinforce the R&I capacities of Copernicus Academies
  • inform stakeholders about Copernicus and its social benefits
  • promote capacity building and connectivity with the Copernicus Relays
  • promote the long-term impact and sustainability of the Copernicus Academy

Instrument: Horizon 2020

Role: Coordination

Partners: Climate-KIC, Cyprus University of Technology, EARSC, Evenflow, GISIG, Klaipeda University, KU Leuven Rasdaman, Spatial Services, University of Basilicata, University of Malaga

Project volume: 999.966 EUR, Z_GIS share: 217.050 EUR

Contact person: Stefan Lang

Researchers involved: Barbara Riedler, Petra Jenewein-Bogensperger, Stefanie Lettner, Sebastian d’ Oleire-Oltmanns

Project Website: