COLD Yamal (2013 – 2016)

Combining remote sensing and field studies for assessment of Landform Dynamics and permafrost state on Yamal

The objective of this project is to develop novel and refine existing methodologies for monitoring of permafrost, related land surface features and to advance our knowledge on permafrost landscape evolution by a synergistic analysis of these features, specifically thaw lakes, and active layer properties.

Permafrost is an essential climate variable (ECV ). It is a subsurface phenomenon which cannot be directly measured with remotely sensed data. However, many parameters which influence the ground thermal regime and surface indicators can be captured with satellite data. This joint Russian-Austrian project utilizes satellite data indicating surface dynamics and properties of underlying permafrost in a region for which significant climate induced changes are predicted within this century.

The Earth Cryosphere Institute has been involved in longterm permafrost monitoring on Yamal for more than 30 years and has established a comprehensive geospatial database. Modern remote sensing technologies specifically microwave remote sensing will be used to further develop monitoring schemes in this region.


Instrument: FWF, Joint Russian-Austrian project

Role: Coordinator

Project volume: 199,500 EUR EUR

Contact person: Annett Bartsch

Project website: