Climate‐Friendly Climate Research (2012 – 2013)

Climate‐Friendly Climate Research: Identifying and Developing Feasible Approaches to Achieve Reductions in the Carbon Footprint of (Climate) Research and Research Programming Operations (contribution to JPI CLIMATE FTA X.1)

Climate change research and research programming, especially in terms of publicly funded research programmes, aims to support society in tackling the grand societal challenge of climate change and to underpin the necessity of reducing the carbon footprint of its activities. Ironically, the research and research programming sector itself, including climate change research, has developed a considerably carbon-intensive working style – fuelled by growing expectations of international cooperation, low air fares and an increasing use of resource intensive infrastructures. However, crucial to scientific communication is also credibility, which can be severely undermined by such activities, which are often inconsistent with the message that climate scientists in particular advocate.

Instrument: BMWF JPI Climate

Role: Partner

Project volume: 58,000 EUR, ZGIS share:10,000 EUR

Contact person: Bernhard Zagel

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