CAERUS (2014 – 2017)

The CAERUS consortium involves partners from Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Ireland and aims to identify humanitarian relief actions that pave the way for human development and stability in post-conflict societies. Specifically, the project aims:

  • to improve policies for transitional situations at global and regional levels, as well as strengthen operational policies in the field;
  • to identify the compatibilities and contradictions in relief to development policies in UN, EU (including European MS) and other key actors such as US, Japan and regional inter-governmental bodies and propose reforms.
  • to better understand the role of health and education as drivers of pacification and social stabilisations in post crises settings and recommend future policy from lessons learnt.

Z_GIS will be involved in WP4 with regard to qualitative methods for education-employment studies, and WP5 with regard to the Integrative Analysis Services.

Instrument: FP7-SECURITY, 8 partners

Role: Partner

Project volume: 3.288.126 EUR, Z_GIS share: 340.000 EUR

Contact: Stefan Kienberger

Researchers involved: Marion Borderon

Project webpage