Alp-Water-Scarce (2008 – 2011)
Water Management Strategies against Water Scarcity in the Alps

The main challenges of this project are to create local Early Warning Systems against Water Scarcity in the Alps based on sound and perennial monitoring and modelling and anchored strongly and actively within a Stakeholder Forum linked across comparative and contrasting regions across the Alps. The Early Warning System is based on the linkage and improvement of field monitoring and assemblage of qualitative and quantitative data derived from anthropogenic water use in selected pilot regions in France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland. The aims are to implement water management at the short term (annual) scale as well as the long term (future scenarios) scale based on modelling under climate change and anthropogenic scenarios. Future water shortages should be prognosed and prevented by innovative measures of mitigation and adaptation. Awareness raising and stakeholder interaction will form an important part of problem identification, participation in the project, dissemination of results and implementation of new approaches.

EarthZine Article

Instrument: EFRE AlpineSpace, 24 partners (48/1/3/F)

Role: Partner

Project volume: 2,8 MEUR, Z_GIS share: 155,000 EUR

Contact person: Hermann Klug
Researchers involved: Peter Zalavari, Elisabeth Weinke

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