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30 Years Z_GIS – GIScience Symposium & Ceremonial Act

From Z_GIS’ founding to solutions for society and business

The arrival of GIS changed a discipline – Geography. The arrival of Josef Strobl @ Salzburg in 1985 changed a Department – and has shaped the research landscape in Austria and beyond. Visionary, he used the term ‘macroscope’ and stated that GIS will be successful if everybody uses it without knowing what the abbreviation stands for. Long before Google, far-sighted academics like him initiated a kind of revolution – a spatial turn reaching far beyond traditional ‘spatial’ disciplines like Geography. By any measure, Geoinformatics @ Salzburg has been remarkably productive in the past 30 years. Discoveries emerged rapidly, while acceptance took decades, with Geoinformatics having arrived on the institutional landscape much more recently.

The first part of this day will be dedicated to a scientific colloquium featuring plenary presentations by leading Geographic Information Science and Geoinformatics scholars in honour of Prof. Josef Strobl, who will turn 60 and has shaped an entire research-scape over 33 years. The presentations will be followed by distinguished shorter contributions from his scholars and colleagues, showcasing highlights of the advancement of fundamental guiding principles, impacts of Geographic Information Science, and recent and future trends impacting society.

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Date: October 25, 2018

13:00 – 17:30 GIScience Symposium

Venue: Edmundsburg, Europasaal, Salzburg,Austria

Organizers & Sponsorship: University of Salzburg, Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS, Austrian Academy of Sciences

18:30 – 22:30  Ceremonial Act | ’30 Jahrfeier’

Veranstaltungsort: Salzburg Residenz, Salzburg, Austria

Sponsoren: Land Salzburg

Further details will be communicated soon.