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Research Area (4)

Landscape Lab

Understanding and modelling natural resources for a sustainable future.

The Landscape Lab aims at understanding and modelling natural resources by taking into account societal needs and applying and further developing GIScience and spatial-temporal analytical tools. The group uses EO data and spatial information in combination with holistic integrated modelling systems for the assessment, monitoring, planning and management of landscape phenomena, as well as for their sustainable use, development and restoration under global change. This integrates process-oriented modelling at landscape scale and exploitation of standard’s compliant sensor observation services for in situ assessments of natural phenomena. For completion of the process chain from single measurements to final products results are publicly distributed using standard compliant WebGIS services for exploring spatial-temporal datasets. Understanding landscape structure, pattern and processes including flows of substances, matter, energy and information and their interrelations are key foci for back casting, near real time analysis, forecasting, and monitoring of landscape resources. In particular, assessments based on harmonised inventories, remote sensing imageries and in situ operational sensors provide data to be turned to understandable information.

The landscape lab working group is contributing to the analysis of highly complex landscape dynamics by working across scientific disciplines and involving locals. The group is focussed on the Leitbild concept. It is strongly interconnected and equipped with integrated holistic toolkits. Knowledge at the interface of the atmosphere, pedosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and anthroposphere is communicated via web technologies and standards such as Web Map Services or Catalogue Services.

Head of Working Group