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Visiting Faculty

The Department of Geoinformatics maintains many international contacts worldwide. Cooperation agreements with partner universities, within the European Union and beyond Europe, are the basis for faculty exchanges. They stimulate and encourage collaborative efforts on research projects.

Faculty mobility supports:

  • International teaching visits by faculty, fostering transnational exchange of research ideas
  • Implementing eLearning and blended learning for international students
  • Joint education and research initiatives
  • International Summer Schools and research visits

Expectations from incoming Faculty:

  • Interested in an active, interdisciplinary and international role in teaching
  • Excellent skills in English language
  • Two years teaching experience in a GIS-related discipline including familiarity with current methodologies
  • Agreement between Host and Home institution about teacher mobility

Aizhan Assylbekova
Senior teacher at the Kazakh National University, Almaty

"Participating in the TEMPUS “GEM” project from 10 December 2010 onwards, I encountered interactive teaching methods and new GIS software technologies such as: ArcGIS, IDRISI and Erdas Imagine, giving me the opportunity to further improve my knowledge in the field of Geoinformatics. This is the first time I got access to concepts in multi-level education, communicated with and received knowledge from European professors and leading scientists, had the possibility of unforgettable first trips and internships in foreign countries, discuss professional issues with colleagues and had the chance to improve my skills in a foreign language. The project gave me valuable insights and has become an important step in my career. Through participation in the project, our university is becoming more open to change and restructures its activities in response to current challenges."