Z_GIS is recognized, and supported by Esri as a Development Center (‘EDC’). This includes an emphasis on development and coding in our curricula, experience with geospatial (services) architectures and the competence and capacity to develop apps and applications.

The EDC network is “a community of leading universities advancing in application developments based upon the ArcGIS platform“.

The EDC status provides (early) access to technologies, training and developer resources, to the annual ‘Developer Summit‘ and the opportunity to annually nominate a student for the ‘Student of the Year Award’ sponsored by Esri.

EDC Salzburg Student of the Year Award – honours list:

2019 – Florian Schöpflin
2018 – Stefan Zimmer
2017 – Azmat Arif
2016 – Laura Knoth
2015 – Robin Wendel
2014 – Eva-Maria Schönauer
2013 – Caroline Atzl
2012 – Christoph Mayrhofer
2011 – Bernhard Vockner
2009/10 – Mariana Belgiu